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The History von der Biewer Yorkshire Terrier a la' Pom Pon

On January 20th, 1984, the first blue, white and gold Yorkie, named Scheefloeckchen von Friedheck, was born to 1981 Dortmund Junior Champion, Darling von Friedheck and 1981 Dortmund World Champion, Fru-Fru von Friedheck.
It has been said it started with Streamglen Kennels of the United Kingdom, In the  60's and 70's Streamglen was a top Yorkshire Terrier Show breeder and everyone wanted  a Streamglen dog. Streamglen had exported dogs worldwide and was famous for their dogs.

In 1975 Mr Biewer purchased 2 dogs from Streamglen Kennels, Streamglen Richard DOB:10/6/1972(photo) and Streamglen Flora.  Streamglen Richard was a consistant championship show winner and became  German Champion(photo). Mr. biewer raised most of his dogs from
Streamglen Richard. (Image from the KC Calendar and StudBook 1974)

Mr. Biewer bred Streamglen Richard to every single female he had, some of these females include Streamglen Flora, Bonny Von Friedheck, Anja Von Friedheck, Graziella Von Friedheck, EEv Von Friedheck, Olivia Vadelle...

From the matings of  Richard and  Flora came Muccu Von Friedheck,
After raising and showing Yorkies for 20 years, Werner and Gertrud were intrigued by the extreme amount of white on this puppy. This prompted them to begin looking into the possible existence of a recessive piebald gene in their breeding lines. Their interest quickly shifted to producing a perfect blue, white and gold Yorkshire Terrier.    
Mr. Biewer first introduced his tri-colored dogs to the show ring in March 1988, at Wiesbaden, Germany. At this time he presented 2 dogs and called them black and white Yorkies.    
 The VDH denied the acceptance of the dogs as being a breed of their own. They instead designated them as being of “wrong color, not for breeding”. Mr. Biewer was unhappy with this decision and began his search for a registry that would accept his beloved black and white Yorkies as a separate breed. The ACH (Allgemeiner Club der Hundefreunde Deutschland e.V.) was the first club to accept them as a distinct and separate breed. The dogs were then registered as Biewer Yorkshire Terrier a la Pom Pon.    

While dinning one evening the husband of singer Margot Eskens presented her with a Biewer Yorkie puppy on a platter as a gift. This incident is the very reason that the name “a la' Pom Pon” was added. It translates from French to “a tassel or colorful ball of yarn”, which perfectly described the puppy’s hair.   

In 1989 when Mr. Biewer signed the standard for the Biewer Yorkshire Terrier a la Pom-Pon, the coloring was stated as white-blue-gold. The most prominently displayed standard posted on just about every Biewer breeder’s web site is signed by Mrs. Biewer. We are all familiar with the details in this brief standard.   

Mr. Biewer died in 1997 and his wife Gertrude Biewer has since discontinued her breeding program.   

By the year 2000 the Biewer had lost its popularity and the number of breeders had dwindled significantly. It wasn’t until the breed was introduced in America that its popularity was revitalized. The breed standard was never perfected in this short time and has consequently been the cause of many debates amongst today’s breeders. 
Haus von Living Magick will always love these beautiful little dogs, and continue to breed true to Herr Biewers' wishes of breeding only Biewer to Biewer.   
 Haus von Living Magick Biewers
"Karisma & Gucci"

 Karisma's lines trace back to Schneeball Von Friedheck, GRAND POM-PON VON FRIEDHECK and then to Darling Von Friedheck. Darlings daddy is Muccu von Friedheck.
Karisma's Father holds: North American Kennel Club -
International Championship
       Gucci's Lines trace to Belinda Von Akasha, Flip von der Puppie Ranch, One Smile von Langenfels and then back to Darling & Fru Fru von Friedheck. 
Gucci has six champions in his lines!



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