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                           All of our Dogs lead a Zen like Life



 Haus Von Living Magick


Shanghai Shih-Tzu

 Breeding Our Hearts Desire:

 The German Biewer Yorkshire Terrier a la Pom Pon with

International as well as many other Champions in their lines

The Chinese Imperial Shih tzu, with amazing smooshie faces, cobby bodies, and short little legs. Chinese Imperial dog to Chinese Imperial dog only. Our Pedigrees go back to the Jofin, Mishu and Pratt lines, along with some others in the 3rd and 5th generations showing Seng Fu, Mingzu, and  Eaglegate,  amongst other well known lines, some with several champions in their background.
Please view our new website dedicated to my Chinese Imperial

                                      WE HAVE MOVED!!

We prefer our babies to be picked up. We have just moved from Bloomfield NJ, to Allentown, PA. Will can meet anyone in NJ, NY, PA, CT half way if you are 3 hours away from us.  A $25 + delivery fee will be applied (depending on distance and gas) if we deliver the pup to your home up to 3 hours away from us. Other wise an addition charge will be applied or you can have the puppy shipped to you. Please view our shipping information under our page "Petsafe Airtrans Rates" 

                              On The Cover Of a Magazine!!!

Here is an image of one of my Biewer babies on

The Cover of 2013 Dog Gone Smart Pet Products Magazine



           Welcome To Loving Care Puppies


We specialize in Imperial, Toy and small breed size puppies. We strive for genetic health, disposition & exquisite beauty. All of our Dogs lead a Zen like life, which leads to our puppies being healthy and happy. Our name reflects our mission!

My mom breeds The Biewer and Maltese. My Aunt the Havanese, Poodle and Yorkshire Terrier, I will occasionally have one of their litters. You may visit their website under "links". They also breed for Designer Breeds such as: Morkies, Malti-poo.


We are a small home hobby breeder, who truly loves & cares for our Royal Angels, they are our children. I truly love my dogs so much, they are a major part of my every day life. Although we are preparing to show our Biewer's, We do not breed for the money or a status symbol of ribbons and trophy's, its about Life, Its about our dogs and the love we share. My females give birth right next to my bed and that is where they stay for the first few weeks. Then I have a nursery area in the home. My adults each have their own bed and favorite toy. They even have their own couch that they sit on and watch mommy work on the computer. They all have more toys then some kids. We play catch the squeaky toy or ball everyday, and yes every dog goes running after the same ball, whoever gets it brings it back and gets a yummy treat. They like to dance with mommy too and that entails everyone up on two feet with their paws stretched up as high as they can get them in the air. All while jumping up and down and some swirling. YEAH!!! Its fun time.. Believe me It is SOOOO cute!!! One thing you are going to notice when you visit is that all my dogs a very quiet. Training is all about love and patience.

If you want a puppy from Loving care puppies, we make certain you are able to provide a loving home for your puppy. Veterinarian and shelters are already overcrowded with unwanted animals. Indiscriminate breeding is one of the major concerns of professional breeders, vets and officials alike.
If you are looking for an older dog or can not afford to take the best care of our babies, we urge you to PLEASE find a nearby rescue unit or shelter and adopt a dog that needs you or don't get a pet (child) until you can be responsible. Please Be Conscientious! Our babies are NOT disposable and must be loved and cared for their entire life. ALL babies regardless of where you find them need Veterinarian care for the life of your new family member. Please be responsible in your search for a new friend.  We are responsible and expect the same from you. When you adopt from us, your new baby must go to a vet of your choose within three days of adoption for a routine health checkup as part of our One year genetic Health Guarantee. This is so you know for a fact that your baby is healthy. We stand behind our pups as much as possible. Our babies ( which include mommy's and daddy's ) are very spoiled. We keep a Very clean environment, and provide fun, love, toys fluffy beds to snuggle in and romp and play for hours a day! Yep hours!!!


 We have a personal Hospital Vet Technician that visits our puppies ranging from 8-16 weeks of age once every two weeks. He also babysits if we have to leave for the day.


We offer Lifetime Re-Homing for all of our dogs.

If for any reason you cannot keep your puppy/dog and/or you cannot find a suitable home, you may return it to us and we will place it for adoption into a new home. There is no fee or refund for re-homing our dogs. None of our babies will every go to a shelter!! DO NOT even think about taking one my babies there!



The parents are Available to see!!!

Adoption Fees vary depending on breed, bloodline, markings etc., all of our available puppies start at $850. The puppies include a One year genetic health guarantee, vaccines up to date, and pedigree papers. If you have any questions, or would like to schedule a visit please feel free to call or E-mail us at [email protected]

We accept Credit Card via PayPal from this site. You do not need a PayPal account - please call if you have any questions. 973-953-6963


Thank You and Be Well


Haus Von Living Magick 

Shanghai Shih-tzu



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